The CDCA is a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to encourage and promote the breeding of pure-bred Canaan Dogs and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.  The CDCA was formed in 1965 with the arrival of the first four Canaan Dogs to the United States.

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Canaan Dog picture book now available for purchase on!

As Hanukah approaches, “snow whirls about the shtetl, and a family with ill-behaved sheep, heedless chickens and ducks, and a wayward cow receives an unexpected visit. Slowly the four-footed visitor will work her magic…”

Dreidle is a perfect Hanukah or Christmas gift for children or adults who love Canaan Dogs, animals and dogs in general, folk tales, gentle humor and magic.

Dreidel was gifted to the Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc. (CDCA) by author Sheila Page. The CDCA and several individual members helped sponsor this book into physical form, and profits go to CDCA. The story has an international profile being written by Sheila Paige, illustrated by Scarlett de Bragard and designed by Suzanne Ketchoylan.

In 2015, Canaan Dog lovers celebrate FIFTY YEARS of Canaan Dogs in the United States at the Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc., National Specialty to be held in Tucson Arizona.

Your hosts, the Western States Canaan Dog Club, invite you to come revel in all things Canaan Dog!

During the 2014 CDCA Board Meeting, it was determined that a feasibility study should be performed regarding the creation of a U.S. domestic registry for desert bred Canaan Dogs and their offspring. This registry could be modeled after the one developed by the Society for the Perpetuation of Desert Bred Salukis. Such offspring determined to have a three generation purebred pedigree through this program could eventually enter the AKC Stud Book for our breed.

The study will develop and consider issues potentially impacting the feasibility of creating and maintaining such a registry. Its findings will in turn be reported to the Board, which will then determine the appropriate course of action. These issues could include a five to ten year startup period before the first desert dogs registered might be considered for addition to the Stud Book (dependent on AKC's procedures); fundraising needs; and a minimum ten year time commitment on the part of the registry's major active participants, in addition to others.

Please be aware that this feasibility study is just the first in a multi-step process. If anyone is interested in helping, whether short or long term, please contact me by email here:
Joan Capaiu Greene

Links to the SPDBS are here:

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CD Health survey: A joint effort of the CDCA and the ICDCA clubs (AKC and UKC parent clubs, respectively) - please participate and as share far and wide! Open to all CDs around the world!

The relationship between veterinarians and breeders is obviously crucial and is under pressure from rescue groups, animal rights activism, and a general anti-breeding, anti-purebred attitude. This article, “Vets vs. Breeders: Partners or Enemies?”, includes interviews with veterinarians and others who promote good breeding and the value of purebred dogs and urge clubs and fanciers to do the same.

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Are you thinking about getting a Canaan Dog? Read our CDCA information package, which contains valuable information on the Canaan Dog. We hope it will answer most, if not all, of the questions you may have regarding Canaan Dogs. Get the FAQs: read our Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Canaan Dog. When your questions have been answered, you can find a breeder, or find a Canaan Dog that needs a new home through the Canaan Dog Rescue Network.

What is it like Living With a Senior Canaan Dog? Carrie Franz-Cabrera wrote a column for the AKC Gazette telling us all about her experiences.

What chilling effect is the “animal rights” movement having on purebred dogs? It's “A Gathering Storm”.

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