The Canaan Dog Club of America

AKC Parent Club of the Breed

2005 CDCA National Specialty

Dateline: September 23, 2005

The 2005 CDCA National Specialty was a success!

Ch Jealou's Got Milk O'madriver, “Emmitt”, went Best In Show at the Rochester Kennel Club show on Sunday, September 18! This is the first time a Canaan Dog has ever gone Best In Show in an AKC-sponsored conformation show in the U.S.A. Well done, Emmitt and handler extraordinaire Andy Linton! Congratulations, Cindy and Leal Grupp, Sally Armstrong-Barnhardt and Carol O'Bryan! (And Ted and Alice!)

Tom Woolf took some lovely photographs at the Specialty.

Rally Obedience

by Cathi Oskow

Rally Novice A
CH Cherrysh Midnite at the Oasis (owned by Cheryl & Keith Shank)
Arayl's Talith of Reckcreate (Mary Reck)
CH Mazel Tov Hana Her My Heart (Cris Garland, Kevin Sweet & Cathi Oskow)
TK's Nassi Shiloh (Tracey Kopea)
JK Maccabee Northern Warrior (Larry Myers, Michelle Harrington) -- Won the class with 96 points

Rally Novice B
Keely's Girl Toby (Lee Boyd)
CH Pleasant Hill Tovah CD (Oskows)
CH Arayl's Magic Springtime (Norma Bennet and Thomas Woolf)
CH Cherrysh Fire and Rain (Lee Boyd) -- Won the class with 97 points
PH Promise of Blue Sky (Bennet-Woolf)

Rally Advanced B
CH Cherrysh's Coat of Many Colors (Cheryl Hennings) moved up because he recently earned his RN -- Won the class (I'm unsure of the number of points)

CDCA National Catalog results

by Robin Prince

Congratulations to Emmitt and all the winners!

Since I could not attend the Specialty, I sent my daughter Noelle Renteria, 17 yrs, by herself. She met up with Amanda Pough at the hotel, who was nice enough to share a room and get her to the show. Noelle brought me home a marked catalog. Thank you Amanda for all your help. Noelle had a great time as was Best Junior Handler for the second and final year.

Best in Sweeps--
Serenity Lane Reba on the Run. Breeder/Owner: Melinda Linton.

Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps--
Mazel Tov Hatikvah (Tikvah). Breeder/owner: Cathi & Craig Oskow (New co-owners: Iza & Terry Benz & Robin Prince.)

Best Veteran Sweeps--
Ch Jealou's Ebony Max O'Madriver (Ethan). Breeder/Owner: Carol O'Bryan. Co-owners: Cynthia Grupp & Carrie Chase.

Best Of Opposite Sex, Veteran Sweeps--
Ch Arayl's Whoopdewoo (Whoopie). Breeder: Elizabeth Hebert. Owner: Carol O'Bryan.

Best of Breed--
Ch Jealou's Got Milk O'Madriver (Emmitt). Breeders/Owners: Carol O'Bryan and Cynthia Grupp. Co-owner: Sally Armstrong-Barnhardt.

Best Of Winners/Winners Dog--
Mazel Tov Hatikvah (Tikvah). Breeder/owner: Cathi & Craig Oskow (New co-owners: Iza & Terry Benz & Robin Prince.)

Winners Bitch--
Mazel Tov Lila Bat Barak (Lila). Breeder: Catherine & Aviva Oskow. Owner: Alan Gantt & Catherine Oskow.

Best Of Opposite Sex--
Ch DJ Ha'Aretz Lydia of Gray Mesa. Breeder/owners: Jackie & Donna Davison.

Awards of Merit--
Ch Rosendog's He Who Must Be Named (Harry). Breeder/Owner: Judy March Rosenthal. Co-Owner: Amanda Pough.
Mazel Tov Lila Bat Barak (Lila). Breeder: Catherine & Aviva Oskow. Owner: Alan Gantt & Catherine Oskow.

Best Junior Handler--
Noelle Renteria, Ch Mad River Tahoe Zephyr (Jordy).


By Denise Gordon

A total of 19 dogs were entered in the 2005 National Specialty herding instinct test held in a large, grassy arena at Diamond Aire Farm in Hager City, Wisconsin, on a sunny and mild Monday, Sept. 19th. The evaluator was Ms. Marie Murphy, owner of the farm and an Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) herding judge. Two Canaan Dogs, Madriver Samara Desert Star Dawn, CGC, CDCA-HCX, PN ("Smudge"), and Ch. Ze'ev Midbar, CGC + 22 more titles ("Wolf"), were entered "For Exhibition Only" and gave brief performances after the test.

Of the 19 Canaans entered for the test, only 9 passed, giving a pass rate of 47% (previous years' pass rates varied between 40% and 80%). Of those 9 dogs, 2 earned their Herding Certified Excellent (HCX) title, 5 earned their Herding Certified (HC) title, and 2 earned the second of the 3 required qualifying scores needed for their HCX title. Two trophies were awarded this year; the Best Rookie Herding Potential trophy (for dogs having no previous experience with livestock), a multi-herding charm keychain offered by Desert Star Canaan Dogs, was awarded to HaTikva Cherrysh The Dream ("Libby"), owned by Alla Geretz, and the Best Senior Herding Potential trophy (for dogs having any type of livestock experience), a sheep sculpture offered by Donna Dodson and Pleasant Hill Canaan Dogs, was awarded to Ch. Cherrysh Midnite Atthe Oasis, CDCA-HC ("Jake"), owned by Keith and Cheryl Shank. Those dogs earning titles or qualifying scores are listed below in alphabetical order. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped at the test as well as participated!

Libby (HaTikva Cherrysh The Dream, CDCA HC) earning her HC at the 2005 National Specialty. She also received the Best Rookie Herding Potential Award. Owner: Alla Geretz. Photo: Keith Shank.


Ch. Arayl's Magic Springtime, CD, CGC, CDCA-HCX ("Zephyr"), owned by Norma Bennett Woolf & Thomas Woolf
Ch. Pleasant Hill Tovah, CD, CGC, CDCA-HCX ("Tovah"), owned by Catherine & Craig Oskow


Ch. Cherrysh Midnite Atthe Oasis, CDCA-HC(2) ("Jake"), owned by Keith & Cheryl Shank
Ch. Mazel Tov Naftalia, CDCA-HC(2) ("Nafti"), owned by Catherine & Craig Oskow


Cherrysh Crown of Jewels, CDCA-HC ("Jewel"), owned by Cheryl Hennings
AKC Ch., UKC GR Ch. Cherrysh Fire And Rain, CDCA-HC ("Flynn"), owned by Lee Boyd
HaTikva Cherrysh The Dream, CDCA-HC ("Libby"), owned by Alla Geretz
Mazel Tov HaTikvah, CDCA-HC ("Tikvah"), owned by Catherine Oskow
Ch. Pleasant Hill Magnum, CDCA-HC ("Magnum"), owned by Donna Dodson & Pamela Rosman


CH Mazel Tov Hana Her My Heart

CH Mazel Tov Hana Her My Heart with Cris Garland and baby Kaelin, resting during the 2005 National Specialty
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)
Mazel Tov HaTikvah

Mazel Tov HaTikvah, dreaming of a CDCA Specialty Best of Breed win someday
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)
Judge Dany Canino

Judge Dany Canino speaking to junior handlers Aviva Oskow with CH Pleasant Hill Mazel HC and Talie Geretz with CH Cherrysh Mi Corazon Miracle
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)
Champion dogs

Champion dogs at the 2005 National Specialty.
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)
Cathi Oskow and Mazel Tov HaTikvah

Cathi Oskow and Mazel Tov HaTikvah, Winners Dog at the 2005 National Specialty
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)
Parade of Titleholders

Donna Dodson with Denise Gordon and “Wolf” in the Parade of Titleholders, 2005 National Specialty
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)
The 2005 National Specialty

The 2005 National Specialty.
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)
Brace Obedience

Denise Gordon with “Wolf” and “Smudge” competing in Brace Obedience
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)
Brace Obedience

Denise Gordon's “Wolf” and “Smudge” in Brace Obedience
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)
CH Pleasant Hill Tovah

CH Pleasant Hill Tovah, CD, ROM, CGC, HCX, ICDCA VC, earning her HCX
(copyright © Tom Woolf)
Ch Pleasant Hill Mazel

Ch Pleasant Hill Mazel HC, ICDCA HC, at the National Specialty herding instinct test
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)

“Jake”, Ch. Cherrysh Midnite At the Oasis, 2005 National Specialty herding instinct test
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)
Ch. Cherrysh's Coat Of Many Colors

Cheryl Hennings and Ch. Cherrysh's Coat Of Many Colors RN
(copyright © 2005 Tom Woolf)

“Libby” (HaTikva Cherrysh The Dream) earning her CDCA HC at the 2005 National Specialty.
(copyright © 2005 Keith Shank)

Dateline: September 7, 2005

Onofrio Dog Shows was able to set the scheduling for our Specialty as of yesterday and the counts.

We will begin at 3:00 PM with Junior Showmanship, Sweeps and the Conformation, Parade of Titleholders and then a break while we can have our box lunch and then we will begin obedience. This is a necessary schedule due to the fact that we are sharing the obedience judge with the Lab Specialty.

I have not received the orders for the lunch boxes from all exhibitors, so will place an order that will cover most needs which will be for 20 sandwich boxes and 10 veggies wraps. We will have to share and share alike what is presented. You have 24 hours to make your last minute request. It is 8:30 Wed. AM.

If CDCA can provide stewards for the Rochester Sat and Sun. shows, we can save charges for the building, ($175). Keith Shank is coordinating the volunteers. You can help defray CDCA costs in this way.

Donna Dodson
CDCA Specialty Chair

Dateline: August 29, 2005

The Judges Seminar will end at approximately noon on the 16th, the day of the Specialty.
The Shows (3 Specialties) will begin at about 3:00. Two Specialties will use the same judges for obedience and for conformation, so there may be breaks which will give a possibility for time to eat.

We are offering an opportunity to have a box lunch from the concessioaires of the Field House. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PROVIDE OUR OWN FOOD AT THIS SITE.

Therefore, I am forwarding the message from the person in charge of concessions and I ask that you tell me what you wish to eat so I can place an approximate order, the prices varying from $3.75 to 4.75 depending on your choice, hot or cold. Each box comes with chips, cookies and either water or soda. I must have this order in by the 8th of Sept. There is also a veggie wrap available.

Donna Dodson

Dateline: August 11, 2005

Several deadlines are fast approaching for the CDCA's National Specialty show events.

August 14
deadline for the discounted room rates at the host hotel, the Holiday Inn South, Rochester, Minnesota; telephone (507) 288-1844
August 15
deadline for the annual awards banquet and auction. For dinner reservations and information, contact Donna Dodson at knandog (at) aol (dot) com.  If you can't make it to the banquet and have items to donate to the auction, contact Cathi Oskow at CanaanQat (at) aol (dot) com.
Sept 1
deadline for any item to be placed on the agenda for the Membership annual meeting; items must be in writing and sent to the Secretary, Tracey Kopea, 1175 Iroquois Run, Macedonia, OH  44056
Sept 3
deadline for herding instinct test pre-entries (you can still enter day of test, but the pre-entries will get to do the test first). For information, contact Denise Gordon at canaani (at) juno (dot) com.

Premium list for the CDCA National Show and the Rochester Kennel Club (Canaan Dog supported entry shows) are now available for download on the Onofrio website (

Denise Gordon, CDCA President

The premium list for the National Specialty is now available on the Onofrio website, however, a copy will be mailed out to the general membership.

If you were thinking of doing an ad for the CDCA National Specialty catalog, the deadline is July 20th. Download the Advertiser's Order Form or contact Norma Woolf at editor (at) canismajor (dot) com for further information.

40th Anniversary Celebration of
Canaan Dogs in North America

Date: September 14-19, 2005
Location: Rochester, Minnesota
Host Hotel:  Holiday Inn, South
1630 S. Broadway
Phone: 507-288-1844

Shuttle available from Rochester International Airport.
A block of rooms has been reserved for the Canaan Dog Club of America.
The code to use when making reservation is: CDC
A nice range of prices is offered.
Only through August 14th, 2005. Make Reservations Early!

Annual Meeting: Thursday, September 15th
Specialty show, obedience & rally-O: Friday, September 16th

Show Site:  The Rochester Community Technical Center
University of Minnesota, Rochester
Sport Center

Rochester MN KC shows on Saturday and Sunday, September 17-18.
Herding at Diamond Aire Farms, Hager City, WI, on Monday, September 19.
A herding instinct test will be held.

Members wishing to sponsor a trophy or donate to the General Trophy Fund please contact Alla Geretz by April 10th, 2005, at rgeretz (at) aol dot com