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Canaan Dog Breeder Referral
(or, How to Find a Canaan Dog Puppy)

If you are in the market for a Canaan Dog puppy, you've come to the right place. Our breed is fortunate to have a small group of dedicated breeders that communicate with each other regularly and work together for the betterment of the breed. Because of this deep commitment, prospective buyers may find that purchasing a Canaan Dog is not as simple as purchasing a dog of another breed. Canaan Dog breeders tend to be highly selective and maintain lengthy evaluation processes to ensure the integrity of our breed's future. It is not uncommon to wait 6 to 12 months for the right puppy nor it is uncommon for the breeder to choose your puppy based on his or her understanding of your needs in a companion dog. The Canaan Dog Club of America fully supports the thorough evaluation of prospective homes in addition to adherence to the Code of Ethics. The breeder has a duty to the place puppies so they can live up to their best potential whether it be as a companion or as a show/breeding prospect. In addition, the Canaan Dog is still somewhat rare, and breeders often get many more enquiries about puppies than there are puppies available.

If you have a Canaan Dog that you've rescued or can no longer keep, or you are interested in living with an older Canaan Dog that needs a new home, please contact the Canaan Dog Rescue Network   (not affiliated with the CDCA).

CDCA Information Packet

A CDCA information packet is available. It contains valuable information on the Canaan Dog, and we hope it will answer most, if not all, of the questions you may have regarding Canaan Dogs.

To receive the CDCA information packet (which includes a CDCA Breeders' List) through the regular mail, please contact the CDCA Breeder Referral Chair and provide your name and address. If you contact the Chair via phone, please make sure to spell your name and street, and provide a phone number where you can be reached if we have any questions. If you send email, please set the Subject of your message to “Canaan Dog”. You may also send a stamped, self-addressed, standard size (#10) business envelope with the same information to the CDCA Breeder Referral Chair.

If after receiving the packet you still have questions there are names and phone numbers included in the package of people you can contact who will be happy to answer your questions. You can also contact any of the breeders on the CDCA Breeders' List.

CDCA Breeder Referral Chair

Please address all correspondence for the CDCA Breeder Referral Chair to:

CDCA Breeder Referral
2300 Crossover Road
Reno, NV  89510-9354

Email: candocanaans at yahoo dot com

CDCA Breeders' List

The following Breeders have puppies available, on the way, or are planning a breeding in the near future. Please contact them directly for prices and availability of puppies. All Breeders on this list are CDCA members in good standing and have signed, and abide by, the Code of Ethics of the CDCA, and in doing so they are recommended by the CDCA as reputable and ethical breeders. The Breeders on this list are also in contact with other Breeders that have signed, and abide by, the Code of Ethics, but who choose not to be on the published list (usually small Breeders; persons that may have only one dog at stud or produce only occasional litters). The Breeders listed here are committed to ensuring that you get the puppy that is right for you, and in doing so will direct you to the proper Breeder.

Additional reading material:

What a breeder can do, what a breeder shouldn't do, and what a buyer should do
(Extreme Braveheart, 2018)

Puppy buyer etiquette
(Ruffly Speaking, 2009)

Bandersnatch Canaan Dogs
Amanda Pough
Spencer, NY
Cell: +1.802.272.7635
Email: bandersnatchBTCD at yahoo dot com Fall 2023 Breeding Planned
Davison's Doggone Acres
Jackie J. Davison
Donna L. Davison
DuQuoin, IL
Phone: +1.618.542.3274
Cell: +1.618-318-6461
Email: canaan at midwest dot net Fall/Winter 2023 Breeding Planned
Puppies Available
Desert Star Canaan Dogs
Denise A. Gordon
Cincinnati, OH
Phone: +1.513.741.1832
Email: desertstarcanaans at yahoo dot com
Eastland Canaans
Annette D. Israel
Raleigh, NC
Cell: +1.919.880.9917
Email: elcanaans93 at gmail dot com Adult Neutered Male Available
April Gray
Atlanta, GA
Cell: +1.404.747.0903
Email: aprilmichellegray at gmail dot com
Web: Summer 2023 Breeding Planned
Ha’Aretz Canaan Dogs
Bryna Comsky
Hoffman Estates, IL
Cell: +1.708.220.5614
Email: bcomsky at aol dot com
Heritage Canaan Dogs
Mark A. Haney
Marla Haney
Ramona, CA
Cell: +1.760.315.6569
Email: mhaneyranch at yahoo dot com
Web: · Puppies Available
Kol Tuv Canaan Dogs
Carrie Franz
Vail, AZ
Phone: +1.520.762.0043
Email: koltuvcanaandogs at yahoo dot com
Web: Winter 2023 Breeding Planned
Mazel Tov Canaan Dogs
Catherine O. Oskow
Minneapolis, MN
Cell: +1.612.251.5575
Email: Canaanqat at aol dot com
Odyssey Canaan Dogs
Jennie L. La Prade
Los Angeles, CA
Cell: +1.213.440.1191
Email: jlaprade at pillsburylaw dot com
Amy Preston
Coventry, CT
Phone: +1.860.235.5075
Email: reliccanaans at gmail dot com
Revelation Knaani Canaan Dogs
Cynthia L. Dodson
David A. Golden
Marshall, VA
Cell: +1.202.494.7858
Email: thecanaandog at gmail dot com
River Rock
Christina C. Miller
Lafayette, GA
Cell: +1.770.827.2762
Email: riverrockcanaandogs at gmail dot com
Web: · Summer 2023 Breeding Scheduled
We also recommend that you check for dogs available through the
Canaan Dog Rescue Network
(not affiliated with the CDCA)

The CDCA offers this Breeders List as an information service only. The CDCA does not guarantee, endorse, recommend or approve any individual breeder, puppy or dog.

Attention Breeders!

In order to be included on the CDCA Breeders' List, you must be a CDCA adult voting member in good standing and are required to submit a CDCA Breeders' List Application to the CDCA Breeder Referral Chair which then requires approval by the Board of Directors. Breeders will not be qualified to be on the list if they do not own or co-own a bitch or a dog at stud that has produced a litter within two years or do not meet the qualifications as defined in the Code of Ethics. It is the responsibility of the Breeder to submit any changes to their address, phone or any new/revised information to the Breeder Referral Chair. An application expires automatically two years from the last litter produced by their bitch or stud. It is the Breeder's responsibility to keep the Breeder Referral Chair informed of the month and year of the last litter whelped as well as the bitch or stud full name and AKC Registration number. The CDCA Breeders' List will be updated periodically, as deemed necessary by the Breeder Referral Chair, requiring all who wish to remain on the list to resubmit an application.

All information on this page is taken directly from the Breeder Referral information package. Please contact the Breeder Referral Chair for an application or use this Breeders List Application.

Breeders: you can also update your breeding status by sending a note to the CDCA Breeder Referral Chair with one of the following:

Bitch Bred/Puppies Expected (when unknown if breeding has taken)
Puppies On The Way (when sure breeding has taken)
Puppies Available (when pups are on the ground)
Older Puppy Available
Adult Dog/Male Available
Adult Bitch/Female Available
MM/YY Breeding Scheduled

If your situation does not fit into any of these categories contact the CDCA Breeder Referral Chair.

Meet and Greet List

The Meet and Greet List is a way to talk to persons that are either not qualified at this time or choose not to be on the CDCA Breeders' List but would like to be available to educate potential owners about the ups and downs of Canaan Dog ownership. They are willing to make their home and dog(s) available for visits, so that people can meet Canaan Dogs in the “fur”. However, they are not currently breeding their dogs and thus will not have any puppies available.

The following Canaan Dog owners have agreed to introduce you to adult Canaan Dogs. All persons on this list are CDCA members in good standing and have signed, and abide by, the Code of Ethics of the Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc.

Some of the members on this list are Breeders that are not currently breeding but who may have litters in the future and some of the members are owners who are experienced with the breed. All of the people on this list are dedicated to helping you determine that the Canaan Dog is the right breed for you. All puppies are cute, it is the adult dog that you will be living with for many years. We are all dedicated to insuring that our puppies have a loving home for life.

Sally Armstrong
CanDo Canaan Dogs
Reno, NV
Home: +1.775.475.0715
Email: candocanaans at yahoo dot com Adult Neutered Male Available 4 Canaan Dogs: 2 dogs, 3 bitches
Competed/participated/trained in: Therapy Dog, Obedience, Conformation, Lure Coursing, Agility, Tricks, Nosework
Debbie Friedman
Gary M. Peterson
Albuquerque, NM
Home: 503.433.4543
Cell: 505.715.0302
2 Canaan Dogs: 1 dog, 1 bitch
Competed/participated/trained for: Agility, Obedience, Trick Dog, Barn Hunt
Julie Haddy
Daniel Haddy
Jo-Clem Canaan Dogs
Piedmont, SC
Cell: +1.864.325.3562
Email: haddy55 at gmail dot com
1 Canaan Dog: 1 dog
1 foster Canaan Dog: 1 bitch
plus 6 Boston Terriers (including foster dogs)
Competed/participated/trained in: Conformation, Agility, Nosework, CAT & FAST CAT Coursing
Marcia Muller
Fairview, TX
Home: +1.469.352.2230
1 Canaan Dog: 1 bitch
Competed/participated/trained in: Conformation, Rally, Agility, Tricks, Obedience, CAT & FAST Coursing, Farm Dog, Tracking, Temperament Testing, Herding, Nosework, Barn Hunt & Scent Work
[your information here]

If you are interested in helping others meet Canaan Dogs, please use this Meet and Greet List Application.