The Canaan Dog Club of America

AKC Parent Club of the Breed

Canaan Dog AKC Performance Titles

Dogs will be listed alphabetically with highest title earned in AKC performance events

Only purebred Canaani or those of known purebred Canaan parentage are listed here.

RACH Anak Adom Me Beit Alpha, UDX6, OM4, GO, VER, RM3, RAE6
Arayl's Magic Springtime, CD, RE
Arayl's Rivi's Rumor, RN
Arayl's Talitha of Reckcreate, RN
Babrees Pardon My French, RN
Bandersnatch Rsndg Ida Know Rivroc, RN
Bsnatch Rsndg Ran Away to Rivroc, BN, RA, FDC
Blue Sky Desert Star Ball Of Fire, BN, RN
Blue Sky Desert Star Luna Eclipse, BN, RN
Blue Sky Desertstar Orion The Hunter, BN, RA, FDC
Blue Sky Raise The Flag, RN
Briel's Isabel P Tiger Pooh, CD, MX, MXJ, MXP2, MJP
B'sheret Mahogany Mischief, NA
Caliente Desert Wanderer, CD, RE, NAJ
Caliente Enzo Ferrari He's A Keeper, RN
Cando Bobesox N Saddleshoes, OA, OAJ
Cherrysh Hearts On Fire, RN
Cherrysh Hosea Prince Rock, RA
Cherrysh My Trustworthy Toby, RN
Cherrysh Sing So Into You, RN
Cherrysh Wings Of An Angel, RA
Cherrysh's Coat Of Many Colors, RA
D&J Ha'Aretz Peaceful Flight, OA, NAJ
D&J Ha'Aretz Stearns' Caleb, RN
Dayspring Beraiah Ha'Aretz, CD, RN
Desert Star Angel Of My Dreams, RN
Desert Star Blue Sky Fire Dancer, FDC
Desert Star Kisho, NA, NAJ, MXP, MJP
Desert Star's Midnight Comet, CD, PCD, BN, RAE2, FDC
Eastland Salina So Special, RN
Far Sight Abigail, TD
FarSight Argos Renegade Of Pern, RA, CA, FDC
Farsight Maccabee Bat Onyx RN
Fuligin Ged Tycho, CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP
Gevaht Noam Ahuvah, CDX
Ha'Aretz Ayen Aleph J. Maccabee, TD
Ha'Aretz Gimel Northern Confidence, RA
Ha'Aretz Lev Gahdohl, RN
Ha'Aretz Samach Svivone, NA, NAJ
Ha'Aretz Yod Esprit De Corps, CD
Harei Selah Keisha of Sundowner, BN, RN
HaTikva Cherrysh Taavi Dream, CDX, RAE
High Desert Ari of Ascend Mazel Tov, CD, BN, RM
High Desert's Mazel Tov Gili, PCDX, BN, RE, CA
Holit Beit Dada, CDX
RACH Jaykay Anna's Act Of True Love, CDX, BN, RM3,
Jaykay Richelieu Rules, RN
Jaykay Spirit Of Adventure, RN
Jealou Ascend's Jet To The Top, CD, BN, GN, RE
Jealou Echo Echo I Herd Ewe, AX, AXJ
JK Maccabee Northern Warrior, RN
Jo-Clem Fire Defies The Sun, RN, FCAT, FDC
Kansas Late Day Sharav, RN
Keely's Girl Tobie, RN, NA
Kochav Ole Me Shaar Hagai, CD
Kol Tuv Caleb At Media Meadows, BCAT
Kol Tuv Fuligin Tali, CD, BN, RI, PCD, OA, OAJ, AXP, MJP, NF, OFP, CA, DCAT, ACT2
Kol Tuv Jesse's Odyssey, CA
Kol Tuv Jochebed, RE, BN
Kol Tuv Ner Echad L'Maccabee, CA
Lahatut Me Shaar Hagai, UD
Libi Metuka Me Shaar Hagai, CD, BN, RAE, TD
MACH Max's Lada L P Tiger Pooh
MACH4 Mazel Tov Prtmjl Minnie Pooh, CD, MXC2, MJG2, XF
Mad River Ewe I Chase, NA, NAJ, HSAs
Mad River Mary C Lamb, PT
Madriver Samara Desert Star Dawn, CD, BN, RAE
Mazel Tov Erev Shel Shoshanim, CD, BN, GN, RM, RAE2, PCDX
Mazel Tov Hana Her My Heart, RN
Mazel Tov Josepha Ariel, CD
Mazel Tov Naftalia, RN
Mazel Tov Yomi Bat Barak, CD, RN
Micah Haviv Me Kansas, CD, NA
Midsummer Prancing Horse, HT
Mofet Shovan Echad Shaar Hagai, PT
Mofet's Avigayil, HSAs
MACH Orela Me Shaar Hagai, RA, MX, MXG, MXJ, MJS, OF, FDC
Pleasant Hill Avram Of Carters Creek, CA
Pleasant Hill Catch'N Some Rays, TD
Pleasant Hill Class Act, RN
Pleasant Hill D'Artagnon Of Blue Sky, RE
Pleasant Hill Dassi, CD
Pleasant Hill Donna's Dulcinea, RN
Pleasant Hill Golda Mili, CD
Pleasant Hill Hava Shirat, VCD1, BN, RA, OAP, NJP, TDX
Pleasant Hill Hinda M Rosendog, CD
Pleasant Hill Tahoe Mist, CD
Pleasant Hill Tovah, CD, RN
Pleasant Hill What's The Buzz, RN, OA, OAJ, OAP, OJP
Rashit Beit Alpha Me Shaar Hagai, CD, RE
Relic's Moonless Night, RI, FDC
Renegades Riker, RN
Rivroc Lycm Own Dream Bsnatch Rsndog, CA, BCAT
Rivroc Onto Somethin Bsnatch Rosndog, CA
River Rock Reach Any Higher, BN, RA, FDC, FCAT, CAX2, NAP, NJP
River Rock Lyceum Same Dream Bandersnatch, RN, CAA, DCAT
River Rock Turn It Up Loud For Graymatter, RN
River Rock Unanimous Decision, DCAT
River Rock Undercover Of Darkness, DCAT
Rosendog's He Who Must Be Named, RN
Rosendog's Lt. Columbo, RN
Samach Rebecca Waf Ha'Aretz, CD
Spatterdash Dreidle, TD
Sufat Sheleg Jasper's Dubhan, BN, RA, FDC
Sufat Sheleg Ziva Bat Ash, CA, RN, BN
Tahoe Cando Too Darn Hot, NA, NAJ
Towery's Red Hot Chilli Pepper, CD, BN, RAE2, CA
Velikaya's Halom HaMidbar, RAE2
Ze'ev Midbar, CD, RN, NA, NAJ, HIAs

Title Abbreviations

Below titles are listed from lowest to highest degree currently achieved by Canaan Dogs; lower titles are superseded by higher level titles in dog's name. Some titles may be earned multiple times and are numerically designated. AKC Temperament Test (ATT), Therapy Dog (THD), Canine Good Citizen, all levels (CGC), and Trick Dog, all levels (TK) are not considered performance titles. Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, and other AKC Title Recognition Program events must be submitted by the owner to the CDCA Awards Chair for inclusion into this list.

CD = Companion Dog
CDX = Companion Dog Excellent
UD = Utility Dog
UDX = Utility Dog Excellent
OM = Obedience Master
BN = Beginner Novice
GN = Graduate Novice
GO = Graduate Open
VER = Versatile Companion Dog
PCD = Preferred Companion Dog
PCDX = Preferred Companion Dog Excellent
RN = Rally Novice
RI = Rally Intermediate
RA = Rally Advanced
RE = Rally Excellent
RAE = Rally Advanced Excellent
RM = Rally Master
RCH = Rally Champion
NA = Novice Agility
OA = Open Agility
AX = Agility Excellent
MACH = Masters Agility Champion
MX = Master Agility Excellent
MXB = Master Bronze Agility
MXS = Master Silver Agility
MXG = Master Gold Agility
MXC = Master Century Agility
NAP = Novice Agility Preferred
OAP = Open Agility Preferred
AXP = Agility Excellent Preferred
MXP = Master Agility Excellent Preferred
NAJ = Novice Agility Jumper
OAJ = Open Agility Jumper
AXJ = Agility Excellent Jumper
MXJ = Master Excellent Jumper
MJB = Master Bronze Jumper
MJS = Master Silver Jumper
MJG = Master Gold Jumper
NJP = Novice Agility Jumper Preferred
OJP = Open Agility Jumper Preferred
AJP = Agility Excellent Jumper Preferred
MJP = Master Agility Excellent Jumper Preferred
NF = Novice FAST
OF = Open FAST
AF = Agility FAST
ACT1 = Level 1
ACT2 = Level 2
NFP = Novice FAST Preferred
OFP = Open FAST Preferred
AFP = Agility FAST Preferred
MFP = Master Excellent FAST Preferred
Test Level
HT = Herding test
PT = Pre-trial test
FDC = Farm Dog Certified
Trial Level
[Each title is designated by Course type (A = arena trial, B = open field trial, C = tending trial) and livestock (s = sheep, g = goats, c = cattle, d = ducks) used in the trial]
HS = Herding Started
HI = Herding Intermediate
TD = Tracking Dog
TDX = Tracking Dog Excellent
CA = Coursing Ability
CAA = Coursing Ability Advanced
CAX = Coursing Ability Excellent
BCAT = 150 Points Achieved
DCAT = 500 Points Achieved
FCAT = 1,000 Points Achieved

VCD1 = Versatility Companion Dog, Level 1

If you have any additions or corrections to this list or if you have any other questions concerning CDCA performance titles, please contact Marianne Smith Vargas.