The Canaan Dog Club of America

AKC Parent Club of the Breed

CDCA Member and Dog of the Year

The Dog of the Year (DOTY) award is meant to recognize the achievements of a Canaan Dog that exemplifies the best of our breed to the Canaan Dog community and/or the general community of pure-bred dog fanciers, or the world at large. This award has gone to breed champions as well as to companion dogs and pets that have shown our breed in a positive light in the performance community.

The Member of the Year (MOTY) award goes to a person to recognize their work for the breed and/or the club either for outstanding work in that year or in recognition for many years of dedication to the club or breed.

To be eligible for DOTY, the dog must be owned/co-owned by a member in good standing of the CDCA and the names of sire and dam must be provided. For MOTY, the person must be a member in good standing of the CDCA.

Candidates for DOTY and MOTY are nominated by members of the club.

ATTENTION MEMBERS: REMEMBER! These are YOUR awards to give! Elections are only held if there is more than one nominee; otherwise the nominee will be voted upon and ratified by the Board of Directors.

Past DOTY/MOTY Winners

Year Dog of the Year Member of the Year
2018 Ch Eastland's Salina So Special CGC RN Dave Pohl
2017 CH MACH Orela Me Shaar Hagar RA MXG MJS OF CGC USDAA-AD SSA AJ SS SR CDCA-HCX & VS Cynthia Dodson & David Golden
2016 GCHS Ch Pleasant Hill Avram of Carters Creek CDCA-HCX  
2015 UKC R01, UKC Alt. CH., AKC CH. Madriver Samara Desert Star Dawn, CGC, CD, BN, RAE; ICDCA VC; CDCA-HCX, VX  
2014 Ch. Rosendog's Lt. Columbo, RN, CGC Pamela Rosman
2013 Silver GCH. CH. Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara, CDCA-HC Carrie Franz
2012 MACH4 ADCH Mazel Tov PRTMJL Minnie Pooh, CD, MXC2, MJG2, XF Noelle Renteria
2011 2009 Co-DOTY CH Pleasant Hill Hinda M Rosendog CD, CDCA-HC, CDCA-ROMX, CDCA-GROM, CHIC Roy and Donna Dodson
2010 Aust. Ch./AKC GCH. D&J Ha'Aretz Vertigo at River Rock, CDCA HCX Christina Miller
2009 The “NYC Meet The Breeds Five” (Heidi, Stash, Sirius, Peter and Reen) Cheryl Hennings
2008 CH. Jealou's Ebony Max O'Mad River, CDCA-HCX Norma Bennett Woolf, Joan Capaiu Greene, and Amanda Pough
2007 Ch. Yashar Ha'Aretz Macsheh, CGC, CDCA-HCX Martha Fielder
2006 Ch. Pleasant Hill Jordan, ROM Judy March Rosenthal
2004 Ch. DaySpring Beraiah Ha'Aretz, CD, RN, CGC, CDCA HC, CDCA ROM Jennie Larkin
2003 AKC/UKC Ch. Barak me Shaar Hagai Alan Gersman
2002 CDCA/ARBA/AKC Ch. Pleasant Hill Yaakov Metav, CDCA-HCX, V, AKC-NA, NAJ, CGC, AHBA-HCT Sally Armstrong-Barnhardt
2001 Fuligin Ged Tycho, CDCA HC, V, CGC, CDX, OA, AXJ Teresa Clement
2000 UAGII, CDCA Ch. Micah Haviv me Kansas, V, CGC, NA, CD, TT  
1999 U-CD Briel's Isabel P Tiger Pooh, CD, AXJ, MX, AAD, OAC, OJC, OGC Denise Gordon
1998   John Relph
1997 AKC CDCA ARBA UKC Ch. Catalina's Felix to the Max, HC, CGC  
1996 Gevaht Noam Dodi  
1994 CDCA/UKC/ARBA Ch. Far Sight Abigail, CGC, CDCA/AKC TD, CDCA HS, HTDIs  
1993 CDCA, AKC Ch. Shvatim Confidence, V, ROM, CGC, HCX