The Canaan Dog Club of America

AKC Parent Club of the Breed

CDCA Application and Evaluation Forms

The following forms are available from the Canaan Dog Club of America for download:

New Membership Application Form, including the Code of Ethics (pdf)
Remember to sign the CDCA Code of Ethics form before submitting your application.
Annual Membership Renewal Application Form (pdf)
Membership renewal must be done before January 1st of each year. The form contains important information about renewing your CDCA membership. Submission of the renewal form also implies that you agree to uphold the CDCA Code of Ethics.
Canaan Dog Health Survey (pdf)
The information you supply in this survey will be used to evaluate the progress breeders are making in the creation of a Canaan Dog of sound conformation, temperament, and health; as well as one that adheres to the breed standard. To this end, the information you supply will be used, together with data from other Canaan Dog owners and breeder, to assess trends in the health and physical characteristics of the breed.
Breeders List Application (pdf)
Breeders: use this form to submit any changes to address, phone number or any new or revised information. See the Canaan Dog Breeder Referral page for more information.
Meet and Greet List Application (pdf)
The Meet and Greet List has been developed for persons that are either not qualified at this time or choose not to be on the CDCA Breeders' List but would like to be available to educate potential owners about the ups and downs of Canaan Dog ownership. They are willing to make their home and dog(s) available for visits, so that people can meet Canaan Dogs in the “fur”.
Versatility Award Form (pdf)
Use this form to submit information to document a Versatility Award for your Canaan Dog.
Register of Merit Award Form (pdf)
Use this form to submit information to document a Register of Merit Award for your Canaan Dog.
Top Performance Awards Achievement Form (pdf)
Use this form to submit regular class, trial-level qualifying scores, and, in the case of agility, course times to the Awards Chair for use in calculating each year's Top Performance Awards.
Herding Instinct Evaluation (pdf)
Use this form to register a Canaan Dog which passes a Herding Instinct Evaluation test. Read about the CDCA Herding Certification Program.
Specialty / Supported Entry Proposal (pdf)
Designed to help a club or group of Canaan Dog enthusiasts to be inspired to host a specialty or supported entry. If you have ever wondered what is involved in hosting a specialty, this form will show you what is needed as well as suggest many other ideas and events that can round out the event. If a specialty looks daunting, perhaps a supported entry would be a good way to get your feet wet!
Room Responsibility Policy (pdf)
What it sounds like — and applies to any CDCA sponsored event. Please read this. It is our way to help ensure the CDCA can continue to find hotels that will allow us to invade for a week with a large number of dogs.