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Desert Bred Canaan Dog Registry Study

During the 2014 CDCA Board Meeting, it was determined that a feasibility study should be performed regarding the creation of a U.S. domestic registry for desert bred Canaan Dogs and their offspring. This registry could be modeled after the one developed by the Society for the Perpetuation of Desert Bred Salukis. Such offspring determined to have a three generation purebred pedigree through this program could eventually enter the AKC Stud Book for our breed.

The study will develop and consider issues potentially impacting the feasibility of creating and maintaining such a registry. Its findings will in turn be reported to the Board, which will then determine the appropriate course of action. These issues could include a five to ten year startup period before the first desert dogs registered might be considered for addition to the Stud Book (dependent on AKC's procedures); fundraising needs; and a minimum ten year time commitment on the part of the registry's major active participants, in addition to others.

Please be aware that this feasibility study is just the first in a multi-step process. If anyone is interested in helping, whether short or long term, please contact me by email here:
Joan Capaiu Greene

Links to the SPDBS are here:

Beni-Hassan Spotted Dog
Beni-Hassan Spotted Dog