The Canaan Dog Club of America

AKC Parent Club of the Breed

Canaan Dog Club of America Code of Ethics

This code is established to protect and advance the interests of Canaan Dogs and to provide standards for responsible ownership and breeding practices.

All Members Shall:

  • Appreciate the unique nature of the Canaan Dog and try to preserve its characteristics of type, temperament, and health as a natural dog.
  • Abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the Canaan Dog Club of America (CDCA) and the rules of the American Kennel Club (AKC).
  • Honestly represent the breed and their own dog(s). Not make false or misleading statements about another competitor and their dog(s) and bear responsibility for the truth and accuracy of any information and/or photographs submitted for publication.
  • Display good sportsmanship and conduct, whether at home or at shows in such a manner as to reflect praise upon themselves and the CDCA.
  • Maintain the best possible standards of health, cleanliness, safety, and care of their dogs.
  • Complete and return CDCA Health Surveys within four (4) months from the Survey's post (mailing) date. I understand that non-compliance will result in automatic removal from the CDCA Breeder's List.

All Breeders and Owners, of Bitches and Stud Dogs Alike, shall:

  • Breed Canaan Dogs which adhere to the American Kennel Club approved Standard for the breed and which are healthy and temperamentally and structurally sound.
  • Breeders shall keep well informed in the field of genetics and work to eliminate hereditary defects from the breed. All dogs and bitches to be bred shall be x-rayed prior to breeding and declared free of hip dysplasia by an authorized body or organization (OFA or Penn-Hip in the USA) and be screened free of eye problems by an authorized body or organization (CERF in the USA).
  • A dog or bitch shall be two (2) years of age before breeding; the maximum age of breeding for bitches shall be nine (9) years, if all health tests remain normal. A bitch shall produce no more than seven (7) litters in her lifetime and produce no more than one (1) litter per year.
  • Not crossbreed or breed to an unregistered Canaan Dog, with the exception of a dog undergoing "miyun" under the auspices of the Israeli Kennel Club.
  • Not wholesale litters of Canaan Dogs, sell or donate to Brokers, wholesale dealers in dogs, humane societies, laboratories, or provide any animal for auction, prize, or raffle purposes.
  • Keep all puppies with the litter until at least eight (8) weeks of age.
  • Sellers shall provide puppy/dog buyers with the following papers free of charge for each puppy or dog sold: a written Contract of Sale specifying conditions of the sale and signed by both buyer and seller, a four generation pedigree, and written instructions for care, feeding and immunizations. North American Breeders must provide AKC registration papers within six (6) months. Breeders outside of North America who export to the United States must provide registration papers for the exported dog within eighteen (18) months.
  • Owners of bitches shall not undertake the breeding of a bitch unless they are prepared to keep the resultant puppies until each is suitably placed.
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agree to abide by the CDCA Code of Ethics as set forth above and uphold
the integrity of the practices as set forth below.

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The CDCA strongly encourages the following practices:

  • No stud dog should be used in more than fifteen (15) breedings. Considering the slow maturation of the Canaan Dog and the importance of assuring that breeding stock is free of genetic or other health problems, a minimum breeding of age of three (3) is seriously recommended in order for the breeders to determine with greater certainty that the parents are of good health, temperament, and structure.
  • Breeders should require that any adult or puppy of obvious non-breeding quality be spayed/neutered, and we encourage the use of AKC limited registration.
  • We encourage that all puppies and adults be permanently identified by microchip and/or tattoo. As a condition of sale or placement, the breeder(s) should retain the right of first refusal should the purchaser ever decide to transfer ownership, thereby giving the seller every opportunity to help the purchaser find a new home for the dog if necessary.
  • Seller should ascertain that the prospective buyer has knowledge and facilities to properly care for a growing or grown dog, considering both the physical and mental well-being of the dog. Breeders should emphasize to puppy buyers the importance of proper socialization of the Canaan Dog puppy and encourage the achievement of a Canine Good Citizen certificate.