Officers and Directors of the CDCA

The CDCA Officers and Board of Directors, Term of Office August 1, 2015, through July 31, 2017, are:

President: Julie Haddy
Vice President: Amy Preston
Recording Secretary: Bryna Comsky
Corresponding Secretary: Melinda Linton
Treasurer: Chris Miller
Director East: Amanda Pough
Director West: Joan Capaiu Greene
Director Central: Donna Davison
Director: Risa Baumrind

Committees and Chairs

Agility: Dan & Julie Haddy
AKC Delegate: Pamela Stacey Rosman
AKC Gazette: Denise Gordon
Awards: Denise Gordon
Breeder Referral: Sally Armstrong
Health: Donna Davison & Amy Preston
Herding: Denise Gordon
Judges Education: Chris Miller
Legislation: Norma Bennett Woolf & Joan Capaiu Greene
Membership: Amy Preston
Newsletter (Canaan Kibitzer): Amanda Pough
Publicity & Public Education: Rachel Reams
Standard Revisit: Annette Israel
Versatility: Denise Gordon
Ways & Means: April Lee
Web: John Relph & Joan Capaiu Greene

If you are interested in becoming a committee chair, please contact a CDCA Officer or Director.